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Troubleshooting Guide

There are a number of issues that may cause your fridge/freezer to not operate correctly. Please use the following troubleshooting guide to find a so


The appliance is not turning on

  • Check the power supply.

  • Check your lead is in good working condition.

  • Check whether the fuse has been burned out.

  • Check whether the appliance has been turned on (press and hold the ON/OFF button.

The food inside is frozen

  • The setting temperature is too low.

  • Thermostat overrise or emergency switch is enabled

Bad performance in refrigeration

  • Too much food has been placed inside the refrigerator.

  • The lid is unlocked/or open.

  • The lid seal is broken.

  • Problems arising from poor ventilation.

  • There is too much warm product inside.

  • There is no room around the fridge and vents.

  • There is a heat source near the unit.

  • The temperature setting is inappropriate.

Unusual noise when the refrigerator is working

  • The sound of water or gurgling from inside the unit (this is normal due to the flow of refrigerant in the system).

  • The refrigerator is not placed on a level surface

  • Some part has come loose inside the refrigeration compartment (see service agent).

Important Notes

  • Your fridge requires good ventilation, especially around it's external vents.

  • Avoid humidity; humidity inside the appliance can form frost and impair cooling. Do not allow frost to build up.

  • Never wash the appliance using a hose or running water and never submerge the unit, as water will damage the electronics

  • Avoid placing the fridge near a heat source. A cooler environment helps the fridge to work more efficiently and keeps the contents cool.

  • Place the fridge on a flat surface and away from any edges. When using the fridge in a vehicle, please use fastening devices to secure it.

  • Don't leave the fridge in direct sunlight.

  • The fridge requires a good 12v power supply - if you aren't driving daily get a solar panel to keep your batteries charged.

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